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Cloud, Mobility, Consumerization, Social Media, Big Data and Analytics – these are just a few transitions and trends affecting information technology architecture of organizations today.


Add to this the rise of the ‘digital native’, the Millennials entering the workplace that regard IT as a commodity; the new interfaces based on touch and motion; the rise of collaboration through virtual worlds and social networking communities. Thanks to this shifting paradigm, the impending transformation that the IT operations are gradually undergoing, sound intimidating and exciting, at the same time.


The crystal ball gazing shows 2015 as the beginning of an age of intelligent & smart software that banks more on modeling and less on coding, information technology as a cheap utility, virtualized datacenters, simple internet devices delivering the most complex applications in ones hand. MAJOR DISRUPTORS THESE!


If we were to pin up one factor that is disrupting businesses and their models, it would certainly be the Emerging Technologies - the changing force behind Infrastructure Management. As technology grows, business environments must evolve to utilize current technology and dovetail and adapt easily to future technologies. Organizations not just have to own the adoption and support of technologies that allow optimal use of current assets but they have to plan for the incorporation of emerging technological developments. In an environment where companies are faced with challenges of


  • Mobility management
  • Maximize the value of cloud service delivery models
  • Evolving the right mix of public, private and hybrid models - with the right processes & skills architecture
  • Take virtualization to storage, networks, desktops
  • Experiment with Contemporary Datacenter designs 

…Join us to collectively find the solutions and share industry best practices at the NASSCOM Cloud & Mobility Summit 2012 at Bangalore on August 21, 2012.



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